We believe that a church’s activities must derive from its vision & mission.  The structures of the church must support the mission, and the mission-activity must represent the vision.  At FBC we see this as follows:  The Church IS (Vision);  The Church DOES WHAT IT IS (Mission);  The Church ORGANIZES what it does (Structures). 

Vision – The Church IS:  Our Vision is simple and summed up in one word:  Jesus.  He is our vision, and the Bible instructs us to “keep your eyes on Jesus, who both began and finished this race we’re in.  Study how he did it” (Hebrews 12:2 – The Message).  

Mission – The Church DOES WHAT IT IS:  If Jesus is our vision, our Mission must be to do the things Jesus did, so that we will become like him.  To that end we distill Jesus’ activities into three things:  Inviting Faith, Acting in Mercy, Developing Disciples.  These three activities form the large “tent” of mission at First.  Within this large tent of mission, specific activities take place within the culture of our city and parish neighbourhood. 

Structure – The Church ORGANIZES what it does: Many congregations have structures that do not recognize & serve the mission and vision.  They are tied to tradition, denomination, personality, etc.  We believe that the role of structure is simple – to serve the vision & mission. Recently we changed our structures to reflect this reality. We have created a Governance Board, Management & Finance Committee, & Ministry Action Teams.  The Board has overall spiritual oversight and responsibility; M&F supports the ministries of the congregation, and; MATs carry out the mission.  All ministries at First are now being measured according to our general mission of Inviting Faith; Acting in Mercy; Developing Disciples.