Growth Groups Have 3 Purposes:

  1. Grow in love for God
  2. Grow in love for one another
  3. Grow in maturity

When Can I Join A Growth Group?

Each year is broken into quarters which have approximately 10 weeks (the first quarter, though longer, starts late and ends early):

  1. September to December
  2. January to March
  3. April to June
  4. July to August (groups take a break)  

The beginning of each quarter has an ‘onramp’ in which groups with space open for new members, in which each person will be asked to commit, as far as is possible with them, to be at every meeting that quarter. The end of each quarter has an ‘offramp’ for all who want to find a new group or take a break from groups altogether with no strings attached. A healthy group requires a balance of commitment and flexibility, which is what this quarterly system seeks to accomplish.   

If you have questions or would like to join a growth group

If a Growth Group is full and you would still like to join (the timing works best for you, the location is better, etc.) still fill out the form with the reasons so we have an idea of interest/needs and can plan accordingly. A waiting list will be kept for any openings that appear. The more people we know want to join a group, the more we will pursue adding other groups as well. 

End of Quarter Survey

At the end of every quarter we ask that everyone who has particpated fill out the following survey. Your feedback is for the purpose of encouragement and sharpening your leaders so that we can constantly improve and serve our groups better!