As your pastors, we want to encourage the church body to start using The Bible Recap.

First, it is a reading plan that takes you chronologically through the Bible in one year. It means reading about 3-5 chapters a day or, if listening, about 12 minutes a day.

Second, it is followed by The Bible Recap: a podcast hosted by Tara-Leigh Cobble averaging 8 minutes in which the passage is summarized in an easy to understand way. "The Bible Recap will not only help you read scripture but help you love reading it!" For access to the official page and other helpful resources, please click HERE.

We want to get as many of you doing this to start on January 1st 2021 so we can do it together and it can become part of our conversation as a church. If you are interested, please listen to the following podcasts that will introduce this plan to you before that time. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!

Episode #1: Let's Read the Bible in a Year (Chronological Plan)!

Episode #2: How I Learned to Love (Reading) the Bible.

Episode #3: Why Reading the Whole Bible is Important.

Episode #4: Preparing to Read the Bible.

Episode #5: Avoiding Common Mistakes: What to Look for When You Read the Bible.

Episode #6: Reading the Bible in Community.